A cosy lodge at the edge of the Old City

If you are looking for a place to have a familiar, warm and close treatment, Hotel J. Balmes Vic is your ideal hotel. We are a small hotel, so we offer the best services so you can feel at home. Enjoy the tranquillity and comfortableness we bring in our hotel and discover all the secrets of Vic from our privileged location.

We are just in front of the Vic University Hospital, in the modern area of the city and just a walk from the old city. Make the most of your stay here and walk through the medieval streets of the city, visiting its market and get a chance to taste the most characteristically products and dishes of the Catalan gastronomy.

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Hotel J.Balmes Vic



C/ Francesc Pla 'el Vigatà', 6

08500 Vic Barcelona Spain


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